Acasa Agenda HR Workshop Organizational Development – dr. Peter Szabo, MCC

Workshop Organizational Development – dr. Peter Szabo, MCC

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Peter Szabo is one of the leading worldwide experts in solution focused organizational development. He will share best-practices from his experience in guiding sustainable change projects. Like surfers on the ocean we can make use of the forward moving forces in organizational change projects.

 In this 8 hour workshop and practice you will learn how to:

•    make best use of your existing resources
•    move towards your desired future in a refreshingly simple way
•    review and work on your own real projects
•    obtain ready-to-use tools for your real life challenges
•    start to apply and share your learning to get the best out of the change process

Solution Focus is a powerful, practical and proven approach to positive change with people, teams and organizations. Making positive changes with Solution Focus is simple:

  • Find what works and do more of it.
  • Stop doing what doesn’t work and do something else.

The radically simple practice is proven to give as good or better results than conventional methods, but in less time and with greater satisfaction from clients.

This workshop is designed to provide high added value to managers, consultants and HR experts.

Date: June 6th 2014, 9:00 – 18:00 hours

Fee: 200 euro + VAT

[175 euro + VAT if you register by May 23rd]

Location: Seeds for Happiness, Bucharest – directions here
Book your participation here!


Workshop Hosts:

Dr. Peter Szabo, MCC Coach
Co-Founder of SolutionSurfers – Switzerland

As an executive coach Peter is specialized in brief coaching processes for leaders who seek sustainable results with minimal intervention. He works with top executives of international corporations and supports change projects all over the world. He currently consults projects for Lufthansa Systems in Budapest, Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, SAP in Heidelberg and for Andritz Hydro in New Delhi. He draws on 15 years corporate experience as lawyer, manager and organization developer.


Dr. Petra Müller-Demary, PCC Coach
Founder of SolutionSurfers – Romania

As an executive coach and systemic business consultant Petra supports her clients in various European countries to find the simple way of change. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Organizational Development. As a member of the SolutionSurfers Faculty she runs the Brief Coaching Training program in Romania.



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